Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving! :)

A big Happy Thanksgiving to all of you! :)

Thought I'd post this card because it's the most "Thanksgiving-y" of all the cards I have in my backlogs to share with you.

I put this card together for my Grandma's birthday back in September using MFT's Happy Mother's Day (It works for grandmas too!). It's all paper-pieced but ended up being a super quick card for me to make, since I had already paper-pieced the main image way back months ago. I was going to use it for some other card and ended up not needing it, so I saved it in my stash. Then when I needed a card, all I had to do is add some squares for a background and paste it on! :) Easy peasy.

Hope everyone has a fun day planned. We've had a lot of questions about what we're eating today. No, tofu turkey is not on the menu (and never will be!). :) We're having a whole host of yummy things... succotash, cornbread, german apple cake, baklava, leek potato soup, bulgar wheat stuffing, apple sweet potato casserole... all kinds of fantastic yummy stuff!

I'm feeling very thankful for good friends, a sweet husband and close family today. And especially thankful that we're (finally) starting to feel settled in our "new" home and city.

Hope you find lots to be thankful for today, too. Happy Thanksgiving, friends! :)

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